Useful information

Useful information

A number of Key Travel partners provide in-depth advice and guidance around travelling during COVID-19:

Flight operations

Many airlines have suspended inbound and outbound flights to affected countries. Visit our airline policies page for links to the relevant websites.

CIBTVisas : blog on travel and immigration

CIBTvisas blog summarises the latest Covid-19-related travel and immigration disruption impacting international business travellers, including entry and exit restrictions, limits on visas and work permits, closed ports, tightened quarantine rules and other measures aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19.

International SOS : comprehensive travel website

The site includes updates on travel restrictions, flight operations and screening measures.

Many countries continue to implement new restrictions and screening measures at airports, sea ports and border crossings to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. These include temperature checks prior to boarding planes and after landing, extended check-in formalities, stringent questions about itineraries, and medical declarations. Allow additional time to complete check-in formalities.

You can view details of restrictions and screening measures by country on the International SOS website.

Country by country travel advice

Below are the top sources of information, guidelines, and restrictions from individual countries based on government

Please always check your local foreign office information before you travel.


North America

Asia Pacific