International Travel Rules

International Travel Rules

To help you understand entry and quarantine requirements in place around the world, we’ve pulled together a number of resources from Key Travel partners and other external sources.

Interactive World Maps & Guides

Sherpa Travel Restrictions Map – View entry restrictions and COVID-19 travel requirements for countries around the world.

IATA COVID-19 Travel Map (powered by Timatic) – The Timatic solution aims at gathering the most complete and timely information.

Travel WeeklyGlobal travel restrictions and rules mapped

The Air Charter Service – The latest travel restrictions by country.


Country by country travel advice

Below are the top sources of information, guidelines, and restrictions from individual countries based on government

Please always check your local foreign office information before you travel.


North America

Asia Pacific

Additional resources

Visit our airline policies page for links to the relevant websites.

Passport / Visa requirements

Our visa and passport solutions partner CIBTvisas have over 50 years experience and are the most well-established travel visa and passport company in the world.  CIBTvisas offers the most up-to-date and accurate information on what is required to enter safely and securely the most frequented destinations in global travel.  Click this link to access and choose your location for local pages (you can also access the CIBT Key Travel client portal).

Alternatively, use the quick CIBTvisas Entry Guide below to learn what’s required for a single destination.