Safe Business Travel Checklist

For the full article on top tips for travellers, visit our COVID-19 microsite, where you’ll also find information on International Travel Rules

Plan Ahead
Before and during your trip check national government advice and guidance, including testing and quarantine requirements (for departure and returning home).
Check local region / state requirements for the area you are specifically travelling to within a country (note: also be aware of transit requirements within your travel).
Book and plan time for pre-travel COVID-19 tests
Book any tests required upon arrival at your destination and when returning
Understand your organisation’s travel policy.
Ensure you are kept up-to-date with travel alerts by providing keeping your contact information updated.
Arrange / check insurance plans.
Download useful travel apps (for example Key Travel App to keep you updated on travel changes) or apps needed to display proof of vaccination in your destination country).
Documents – Ensure your passport and visas meet travel requirements.  Take photos of critical documents and store them in a secure folder on your smartphone/wallet.  Carry a paper back-up file of your documents, separating critical documents, passport, and visas.
Before leaving home
Check real-time, door-to-door travel information
Allow plenty of time – there may be additional queues at airports
Ensure you have all required proof of vaccinations / COVID tests
Check in online inc baggage where possible and complete any pre-travel forms
Pack food, water, and supplies (spare masks, sanitiser etc)
During your journey / flight
Wash your hands regularly
Minimise touch and use wipes
Use the bathroom before you fly
Follow the airport and airline crew’s instructions
On the road
Check car rental and accommodation safety arrangements
Follow local public health advice
Get help if you feel unwell.  For COVID-19 symptoms, follow official guidance
Returning home
Complete any required pre-flight forms (passenger locator forms)
Take any required COVID tests before your journey and as required upon arrival
Give your employer feedback on your journey
If you start suffering any COVID-19 symptoms, follow official guidance