How Key Travel is handling COVID-19 related refunds 01 April 2020

Key Travel’s policy in relation to passing on refunds received from our travel partners remains unchanged – as soon as Key Travel receives the refund from the airline, hotel or other provider, we will refund that amount to our customer as quickly as we can.

You will receive that refund in the same way you paid for the service, normally as a refund on the credit card you used or as a credit note issued against your account. A significant number of airlines, to preserve cash, are now issuing non-cash refunds – these are called “EMD’s” or “vouchers”. If you are affected by this, you will be advised of your credit value and reference number and will be able to use that credit with that airline in the future. Although Key Travel will always request a cash refund where possible, as your contract is directly with the airline this is not something that Key Travel is able to influence. We are aware that there is lobbying at Government level by bodies such as ABTA and BTA to try and stop this practice.

The disruption across the travel industry has resulted in an unprecedented number of cancellations from service providers such as airlines and hotels and from travellers.
Given the significant increase in cancellations, many airlines are changing the way they issue refunds. They normally use a process that has a 14-day cycle, but many are now switching to a process where we may need to wait 2-3 months until we receive the refund. This means you may wait a lot longer to receive a refund than normal.
In addition, our expert refunds team is facing an unprecedented volume of work. It may take several weeks to clear the backlog. We have brought in extra people to help this team, but inevitably refunds are taking longer to process than usual because of airline policies in this area changing on an almost daily basis and necessitating checking for each refund, and partners closing or restricting call centres.

In summary, Key Travel is working as hard as possible to process refunds and will be passing funds received from our partners onto our customers as quickly as we can.