We know how vital it is to protect travellers’ well-being and physical safety.

Our customers can rely on us for support – from expert advice on how employers can best meet their duty of care responsibilities to state-of-the-art risk management tools and all-round employee care packages – including Psychological First Aid and support.

KT Care: Our safety and wellbeing packages for travellers

KT Care is designed to fit each of our customers’ duty of care needs through a choice of three different packages:

  • KT Care Support & Alert is a cost-effective solution for supporting employees while they’re travelling.
  • KT Care Track & Protect is our more advanced solution, adding customisable features and particular benefits designed to protect business travellers.
  • KT Care Safety & Wellbeing is our ultimate duty of care solution, offering travellers maximum support, including through an app. See below for more information.

KT Care: Our safety and wellbeing app

Designed for both everyday use and immediately after a crisis or traumatic event, this app has two key functions:

  • Psychological First Aid: Our app offers immediate support after an incident by helping people understand their reactions, offering them strategies for coping and, if necessary, signposting to further support.
  • Psychosocial Support: KT Care also provides information for helpers, friends, colleagues, managers or family members on how to support people affected by trauma, as well as what not to do.

Risk management

Sometimes things go wrong and while we can’t always control them, taking precautions can make a huge difference to the outcome.

We help customers meet their duty of care responsibilities through a wide range of practical solutions and proven risk management tools, from pre-trip planning and destination risk assessments to security alerts and 24/7 traveller GPS tracking.

We also provide expertise and resources quickly when something unexpected happens, whether it’s a hurricane, a global pandemic or civil unrest.

Our risk management offering includes:

A risk management and tracking app:

This mobile app and cloud-hosted secure portal alerts travellers and security managers to disruptive incidents such as airline strikes and natural disasters. It also tracks travellers based on their mobile phones’ GPS co-ordinates so organisations know at any point in time the location of each and every employee travelling on their behalf.

Expert risk management partners:

Our partnerships with experienced risk management providers provides our customers with tailor-made solutions to protect their travellers wherever they are in the world.